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Massage is an ancient healing art that is often practiced mechanically without an understanding of the energy fields and electrical influences within and around us. Apart from the obvious physiological benefits of deep tissue massage via the mechanical simulation of well guided hands, there are far greater potentialities to be realized.

One must understand that behind the life force of a healthy physical body is the harmony and power of a vitalized energetic body and mind where electrical impulses are sending and receiving information constantly. Often a massage therapist lapses into body consciousness only, neglecting the overriding importance and influence of all seven subtle bodies. Master massage practitioners focus on the healing energy coming out of our hands and amplify it with conscious attention and reverence.

Book your session now and I will meet you in my Earth body sanctuary located in Palm Springs, CA very soon.* Scroll down to read the menu of massage options.

* Please note: I only offer body work out of my professional massage studio. Part of the world class healing and 5-star service I provide happens because of the controlled environment of my sacred healing space. It is here, I have all my tools at my finger tips and where I manage the refined healing energies dwelling in my sanctuary.


Massage Menu

If you’d like to book a massage, please contact me and we will find a time that works for both of us. In your message, please let me know what date and times work best for you. I book 7 days a week at 10am, Noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. I will send you a response with available times I have open that day.

1 Hour – $80.00

Enter my sanctuary for the senses and Ground

My most basic treatment begins with a lemongrass cloth to refresh. After a quick private consultation, receive a custom tailored massage designed specifically for your body’s needs using a rage of modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release,Reflexology and Energy Therapy. Melt away stress on my ultra comfortable massage table as I administer the treatment with my own signature hot oil recipe handcrafted and organic, with pure essentials oils and finished off with warm foot towels and citrus cloth body bath. Crafted with love, intention and skill the Ground is the essential Earth-Body experience.

If you would like to book a ‘Ground’ massage, please contact me and we will find a time that works for both of us.

1 Hour, 30 Min. – $120.00

Go further, Repattern.

This treatment builds on Ground with time to go deeper. Journey to the inner body. Lengthen the spine. Feel the complexity of muscle. Return to the breath. Become the fullest expression of your being. Heal. As the body softens, somatic repatterining begins. Here relaxation is the path, not the goal. By releasing tension, strain and pain we reclaim body awareness and open. A completely holistic approach to bodywork and massage, your body and I enter into a dialogue of touch. By unwinding, compressing and decompressing, we can discover body-mind-soul connection.

If you would like to book a ‘Repattern’ massage, please contact me and we will find a time that works for both of us.

2 Hours – $180.00

Enter my sanctuary for the senses and Ground

Building on Ground and Repattern, Unravel provides time and space to undo just about every knot in your being. If you desire to know absolute bliss and body transformation, come Unravel.

If you would like to book an ‘Unravel’ massage, please contact me and we will find a time that works for both of us.

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3 hours – $280.00

Beyond Ground, Repattern, and Uravel awaits your Breakthrough.

This session is designed for those who want to incorporate intuitive reading, emotional release and ample time for coaching and dialogue to process everything that reveals itself as ready to be seen felt and transmitted. You know this session is for you if as you read this right now, your heart is feeling a deep sense of longing, at the same time you feel fearful of what might show up, but there is an undeniable sense of “YES, I am ready for this” and a feeling that “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR” resonates throughout your whole being. (You know who you are).

If you would like to book a ‘Breakthrough’ massage, please contact me and we will find a time that works for both of us.

What Clients Are Saying…

Dr. R

There are two types of masseurs: the generic "go through the steps" masseur, and the: educated, skillful, experienced, intuitive, multi dimensional healer who uses your session to move you further along the healing path for body, mind and spirit. Well Mark is definitely that second person. I'm in health-care here in Palm Springs and am very physical with what I do. I get bodywork as often as twice a week for maintenance. I have had many experiences with masseurs/bodyworkers using many techniques and Mark is my favorite type of healer. I walked out feeling grounded, pain-free and completely de-stressed. Aside from being a genuinely a nice man, Mark is very very talented. I will definitely be utilizing his skills again soon.


Recently, I had the opportunity to experience an exceptional massage session with Mark, a truly gifted massage therapist whose talents I highly recommend. I spent a year in Afghanistan with the army and, as a result, have had chronic muscle pain in various areas of my body. After an initial consultation concerning which areas needed extra attention, Mark was able to manipulate and relieve the tense muscles of the affected area(s). Mark has spent years perfecting his technique and it shows! Using essential oils, heated stones, and a multitude of massage styles, Mark has created an experience which is unlike any other I have experienced before. So relaxed was I at the end of our session, that I had one of the most peaceful night's rest I've had in months. I am grateful to Mark for a wonderful massage and would confidently recommend him to other interested parties. Thank you.


I am a repeat customer who has always found Mark to be quick to respond to my texts asking for an available appointment. He has always made the appointment and directions easy. Each time I was with him, Mark has made me feel welcome. The massage and his technique are why I am a repeat customer. I've had many massages but he brings an element that is special. He knows what he is doing and I always leave relaxed and in a much better state than when I arrived. Treat yourself - you won’t be disappointed.


The BEST massage I’ve ever had in the desert! Because I work out often and I'm in my late 40s...I try to get a massage regularly. Like many of you, I've tried many different masseurs in spas, chiropractic offices and private residences. Each person has their own unique technique and approach...from a basic rub and a deep tissue sports massage. If you are looking for a massage that will leave you feeling 100% better than how you arrived, Mark is your man. Clearly, Mark has received extensive training to give not just a massage, but true ‘Body Work’. During my massage, I found out that he comes from a competitive sports background, so he is able to balance an intuitive approach with true knowledge of how the body works. My massage was a combination of deep tissue, reflexology/stretching and hot stone. He has a charming studio located in close proximity to Ruth Hardy Park with easy parking. As a new addition to the Palm Springs community, I have no doubts that Mark will be wildly successful. In addition to being extremely talented, he is charming, easy on the eyes and someone you’d immediately want to be friends with. I’m thrilled to have found a new masseur here in the desert.