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    What's In It For You?

    Periscope is an iOS and Android social media app where anyone can broadcast with other people using live video feed. The person broadcasting creates a topic of conversation and viewers can ask questions, make comments, give hearts, share, etc. Want to learn more about Periscope? No problem, scroll down for some F.A.Q.'s.

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What’s So Amazing About Periscope?

It’s how people are using it. It’s not just for folks looking to grow their business, though if you want to make sure you understand “Know, Like, and Trust.” These are steps you can’t skop and your goal to create content of value. Periscope is a real time tool for the global tribe to engage and keep the conversation going.

How Do I Get Periscope?

Getting onto Periscope is easy! You just download the Periscope app in either the iOS App Store or the Android App Store. You can set it up through your Twitter account or just on it’s own.

I’ve Got the App, Now What?

Well, the next thing to do is to FOLLOW people you want to see on Periscope. I’m @MarkHollenstein!


First, you would click on the little ‘people’ icon on the bottom right.

  • If you are on Twitter, your Twitter follow list will appear and you can select people from there.
  • If you are looking for someone specifically, then click on the little “magnifying glass” icon on the top left. A search people option pops up. Just type in the person you are looking up, like “MarkHollenstein.”
  • My name (or the person you’re looking up) pops up and you just click the little icon to follow. You will see a “check mark” on next to the name, which means you are now following!

Once you downloaded, you log into the app with your Twitter account (it is, after all, owned by Twitter). Then, when you’re logged in, you can find your friends who are on Twitter and follow them.

Play around with the app, then head over to Alex Pettit’s page on YouTube, he’s got LOTS of great advice on how to use Periscope! You definitely want to learn from the pros if you want to continue using it!

How Do I Find Mark Hollenstein on Periscope?

Monday - Friday, 7am and 1pm, PST


Good Question! There’s a few ways you can catch Mark Hollenstein on Periscope:

  • Set up notifications on Periscope through your settings on your phone. You will get notified whenever I am on Periscope.
  • Twitter automatically sends a link to the live Periscope to my Twitter account.
  • BEST WAY: Now, it’s super easy, just go to my Periscope profile and follow me! Or, follow me on my Facebook page.